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First Pictures Of Single Window Gimp – It Looks AMAZING.

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

The first glimpse at the long-awaited (and much-desired) single window Gimp has been posted on GIMP developer Martin Nordholts blog.

He updates that progress is coming on well, spurred on in part by the “overwhelmingly positive” reaction the new single window mode has received.

Support for multiple images inside one window via tabs (Like Photoshop CS4-ish) is also to be implemented in the forthcoming release, as well as dockable toolbars and tool docks.


It’s odd how much of a difference a unified interface for an application like The Gimp can make – but it’s evident from the picture above how much cleaner, refined and just gawd darn sexy it looks.

I really cannot wait until Gimp 2.8 is released proper and i can fully start to utilize the power of The Gimp (especially since 2.8 will finally have on-canvas text editing, too!). It’s quite pathetic sounding to say that the floating panels the Gimp currently uses puts me off, but it does!

Try out the new single window version yourself! Install details @