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Anjal – Slick Evolution Interface For Netbooks

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Anjai is a custom Evolution interface designed for use on netbooks, with it’s main screen optimized for 1024×600 sized screens.

ROFL! Useless Trivia!
Anjal means E-Mail in Tamil.

Stylish (and useful!)
Using WebKit for its mail rendering and composing makes Anjal look very slick.

It has big small-screen friendly buttons for navigating the vitals. Uses tabbed browsing to display messages and in-boxes, has thread support (yay GMail!) as well as multi-account usage.

The preference options are basic – merely consisting of account config, but most important mail-sorting features can be found and configured in the main interface. (i..e Mail Sorting, etc)

Get it

If you’re using Karmic you can install Anjal through the software centre. Just search for ‘Anjal’, or in a terminal: –

  • sudo apt-get install anjal
Jaunty & Ibex

You’ll need to build it from source, sadly. Never fear as the tutorial on the official site is easy peasy!



  • It calls itself ‘Email’ in the Internet menu.
  • Anjal is slightly too wide for 7" netbooks, but still perfectly useable.
  • It does need Evolution installed.
  • Official site @