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UbuntuTweak Updated – More Apps = More Useful

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Ubuntu Tweak ” the popular Ubuntu Tweaking application ” has been updated to version 0.4.9.

This new version adds in support for Karmic, as well as still supporting Hardy through Jaunty.

Of more note are the new features present in Ubuntu Tweak’s latest and greatest release: –

New “one click” PPA’s added: –

  • aMule
  • Google Testing Repository
  • GmChess (Chinese Chess)
  • Smplayer Testing
  • GIMP Testing
  • Back In Time (Backup tool)
  • Geany
  • SpiceBird
  • Moblin Testing
  • PlayOnLinux
  • RedNotebook
  • Breathe Icon Theme
  • Qt
  • Mono
  • Exaile
  • Clutter
  • Ubuntu X Unstable
  • Gloobus

Notification support, like so: –


Perhaps the best new feature ” and one i took for granted the last few weeks on the Dev channel ” is this awesome “update” dialog that displays after a “refresh”: –


No more need to open Add/Remove or Update Manager to install updates or newly enabled applications!

Ubuntu Tweak 0.4.9 also add’s several popular themes to the available install list. Currently only 3 themes and 1 icon set are available, but additional themes are planned to be added shortly.

And All The Usual Features, Too!

Of course, 0.4.9 still packs in all of the popular features of the previous incarnations such as easy ability to show trash cans and mounted drives on the desktop, through to enabling hot-corners, compiz effects and cleaning out your cruft.


You can, as always, grab the latest release from the official website @

Alternatively, if you have Ubuntu-Tweak already installed, just enable the Ubuntu-Tweak PPA from the ‘Third Part Sources’ pane. (I do recommend using the development branch if you’re confortable with “beta” grade software ” i’ve found it to be most robust, and you’ll get new PPA’s and features sooner!)