PerfectClock screenlet is a Linux port of the desktop-clock Windows application. It comes with a bunch of pre-made themes, and tons more are available – from Dynamite shaped clocks to binary style ones.

PerfectClock is a skinnable, flexible, fast and highly customizable program displaying an unlimited number of World-Time clocks on your desktop. ~ Official Blurb

Requirements are minimal, just the usual Screenlets, Python & Gtk ” which are installable in any Linux distro. (Screenlets requires Compositing).


Feature wise it’s not totally parable with the Windows version, but then the Windows version is trialware anyway!

It does feature the ability to add and remove themes, choose location, show/hide second hand, display day (if applicable) and set alarms.

What gives it a thrust about the the generic “Clock” Screenlet that comes pre-packaged with Screenlets is the sheer amount of well designed skins for it, the stability of it and, well, the fact it’s an alternative!


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