Open Tumblr makes posting to your Tumblr blog from your desktop whenever you like as easy as pie. When you got an itch to post a photo, or a desire to quote a quote ” fire up Open Tumblr and blog away.

A simple, incredible and functional app, for tumblr run’s on Mac OS X , Windows, AND Linux with support for advanced posting options.


OpenTumblr has a few basic requirements in order to work. These are: –

You can install all 4 quickly and painlessly from your terminal with: –

# aptitude install python-wxgtk2.8 python-setuptools
# easy_install simplejson
# easy_install poster
# tar -zxvf opentumblr-version.tar.gz
# cd opentumblr-version
# python install

(Replacing # with sudo where necessary)

Installation: –

Current Release:


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