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Automount linux NTFS Partition ubuntu

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Auto-mounting NTFS / Windows Partitions in Ubuntu is actually really easy. It’s great, for example, if you have a partition you share between Windows and Linux with files on.

Set NTFS/Windows Partitions To Auto-Mount

1. Go to Applications > Add/Remove

2. Search for ‘NTFS Configuration Tool’ (Firefox users can click: apt:ntfs-config )

3. Install it.


Once installed make sure any drive you wish to Auto-mount is unmounted. Do this either my restarting Ubuntu and not mounting the drives, or by ejecting them via nautilus’ side-pane or the terminal.

1. Launch the ‘NTFS Configuration Tool’ from System > Administration > NTFS Configuration Tool.

2. In the NTFS Config. window, check the box next to the drive(s) you wish to automount.

3. Click Apply.

A new window will appear, however only check ‘Enable Support For Internal Device.’ This is all i have and i can both read and write to my partitions fine.