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Tip: Make The Main Menu Button Pop Up Quicker

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

If you have replaced the standard Gnome menu bar (Applications|Places|System) with the ‘Main menu button’, you may be griping at how slow it is on displaying after a reboot.

This is because the data it needs isn’t cached automatically.

Here’s how to speed it up so it pops up pretty much instantly.

  1. Right click on the panel and click “Add to Panel…”
  2. Find the “Drawer” applet, click it and then click add. You now have a drawer which can hold (and hide) other applets on your panel.
  3. Right click on this new drawer and click “Add to drawer…”
  4. On the dialog that pops up, click “Menu Bar” then click Add.
  5. Now, just right click on the drawer, select “Move” and place it wherever you want it. Preferably in as unobtrusive spot as possible.

(thanks to oakgrove)