The default Ubuntu theme ‘Human’ is far from what you’d call ‘sexy’. Thankfully changing Ubuntu’s looks is like changing clothes – find something you like, not just something that fits!

Of all the many, many themes available for Ubuntu there is a clear favourite and with good reason too as it’s sexy as

It’s called ‘Dust’ and, according to the creators: –

“…is a concept for a new, refreshing look for Ubuntu. The idea was to take the defining aesthetic elements of Ubuntu and remix it into something clean, modern, functional, and unique.”

It’s also fast being championed as a replacement default theme. It’s gorgeous! It really is!


It also comes with a Firefox skin to match: –


And it makes the panels delicious too!

How To Install Dust Theme


  • Download the dust GTK theme from here.
  • Install the Dust Firefox theme by clicking here.
  • (If you use Emerald you can also download the Dust Emerald theme)


As always, installing new themes is a simple affair in Ubuntu.

  • Go to your top panel and choose ‘System‘ then ‘Preferences‘ then click ‘Appearance’.
  • Drag the Dust theme you download on to the Appearance window and it will automatically install itself.
  • In the Appearance window scroll down and click on the ‘Dust’ theme.
  • To install the emerald theme (if you use emerald) just go to Emerald and select the .emerald file you downloaded.

There you have it! now you have a sexy new theme! I’m still not sure what the best Icons to use with this theme are, so be sure to let me know if there’s a set you think pwn!

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