It’s snowing in Britain!! PANIC!!!1

It’s funny how Britain grinds to a halt when we get a few inches of snow. We don’t get snow often so when we do it’s almost like we revert backwards into some primeval panic zone where we need to make fires and stock up on baked beans.

Planes grounded. Check.
Buses and Trains cancelled. Check.
Schools Closed. Check.
Using your car ‘not advised’ unless urgent? Check.
“Worst snowfall for ___ of years” uttered? Check.

I love it. Seriously, feeling snow under my feet for the first time in…. well a long time is pretty sweet. Even the kitten Sheba was loving her first snow fall by jumping around in it trying to catch it! ^_^

Annnnnd it’s rad to finally see the “snow” version of my Weather Screenlet! : –


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