Here’s a quick run-down of my top 4 favourite screenlets right now.

1. Now Playing – with Inlaid Alt Theme


A luscious and slick theme for the default ‘now playing’ screenlet. Has Previous, Play and Next buttons that only appear when you ‘mouse’ over them. I really think this should be the default theme for this ‘let as it is not only gorgeous, but oh-so-modern.

2. GMail Screenlet


A simple GMail monitor that shows the number of unread mails. Simple. Ron-seal. Very nice.

3. RSS Reader



This is the default feed reader screenlet in, er, screenlets and it’s a simple looking enough one… packed with eye candy features! Hovering over a story will display the content of that story in a ‘hover box’.

4. TwitterScreenlet


Despite the plethora of AIR based Twitter Clients, having atwitter screenlet is handy, too. This one can display a specified number of tweets, lets you update your twitter easily and can be themed. I really like it – it’s simple, effective and blends in nicely with my desktop.

So there we have it! You can easily find these screenlets on by just typing in their names. (E.G. ‘Gmail Screenlet’.)

Eye Candy Linux Screenlets