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Preview One Workspace While Using Another

Not everyone has room (or the attention span) for a multiple monitor set-up, and even if you do there are times when you may want to keep an eye on a workspace while working in another. You want, […]

9 November 2016

Unity 8 Desktop Gains a Slick 3D Task Switcher

An experimental application switcher for the Unity 8 desktop is under development — and you can see it in action right here.

29 June 2015
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Quickly adjust the number of workspaces in Unity with Indicator-Workspaces

Quickly adjust the number of workspaces and the way in which they are displayed in Ubuntu 11.04 with 'Indicator Workspaces'.

6 May 2011
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Five Ways to Switch Between Workspaces in Ubuntu

Multiple desktop workspaces have long been an important feature of the Linux desktop. Half the battle in getting used to using 'virtual workspaces' is in finding a way to switch between them that suits your workflow. We list our top 5 ways of switching workspaces.

6 November 2010
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Indicator-Workspaces adds options, Maverick PPA plus hints at future features

Indicator-Workspaces now has a working preferences window and a PPA for Maverick users.

18 October 2010
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Indicator-Workspaces updated for Maverick

Upgraded to Ubuntu 10.10 and want to install the workspaces indicator applet? Good news - the PPA has been updated to support Maverick.

13 October 2010
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Re-enable Workspace Scrolling Using Your Mouse Scrollwheel

Annoyed that in Karmic you can no-longer switch between desktops using your mouse wheel? De-annoy yourself thanks to this easy fix. Open up CompizConfigSettingsManager Go to ‘Viewport Switcher’ Choose the ‘Desktop-based Viewport Switching’ tab Enable […]

18 November 2009