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2 ‘Unity for Linux’ Games Made Available for Demo

The last few weeks have seen a flurry of activity surrounding Unity 3D (the game engine, not the desktop). Most prominent amongst this is the beta release of Unity 4 - the next iteration of the games development tool - which was announced at the annual Unite conference last week. Unity 4 is notable for a number of reasons, but the one most relevant to a site like this is that it brings Linux support.

28 August 2012

Mass-Market Games Engine ‘Unity3D’ To Support Linux

The viability of Linux as a gaming platform continues to grow, with today's news that Unity 3D (no, not that one), one of the most popular games engines used by developers of all calibres, will be supporting Linux. The self-described 'intuitive and flexible development platform' allows games developers to "author once" but "deploy everywhere". This means games created in Unity 4 for Windows can, theoretically be exported to run on Linux, too.

18 June 2012