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How To Move the Unity Launcher To The Bottom

Wonder how to move the Unity launcher to the bottom of the screen in Ubuntu? We show you just how easy it is to do using Unity Tweak Tool.

11 April 2016

Unity Tweak Tool Makes Enabling Unity ‘Minimise on Click’ Easier

The latest development release of Unity Tweak Tool makes it easier to enable 'Minimise on Click' behaviour on the Unity Launcher in Ubuntu.

10 June 2014

Unity Tweak Tool is Now Available in Raring

The new contender for everyone's favourite tweak tool has been approved for inclusion in the official Raring repositories. So get out there and download it folks!

19 March 2013

Introducing ‘Unity Tweak Tool’

Like other tools of its ilk, Unity Tweak Tool provides users access to features and configuration options not easily accessible to the average user.

8 February 2013