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Unity 8, Mir Preview To Be Available in Ubuntu 13.10

Both Unity 8 and Ubuntu's new display server Mir will be available to try in Ubuntu 13.10. At least, that's the aim, anyway.

16 May 2013

Unity 8 Gets Demoed on Mir, Looks Impressive Already

Unity 8 - the next major version of the Unity desktop - has been demoed running atop of Mir, Ubuntu's custom display server.

14 May 2013

[How To] Run Unity Next on Ubuntu 12.10

Unity Next, the next-generation Qt/QML version of Ubuntu's Unity interface designed to intelligently adapt to multiple form factors, can now be tried, tested, and hacked-on right from the desktop.

2 April 2013
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Ubuntu Announce Unity Next, Will Be Written in Qt/QML

With the announcement of the new Mir display server, Canonical have begun the next major, multi-device shift for the Unity project: Unity Next.

4 March 2013