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Linux Mint May Switch to LightDM Login Screen

Linux Mint 18.2 may ship with LightDM and Unity Greeter by default, replacing the current MDM login screen.

30 March 2017

‘Unity Greeter Badges’ Brings Missing Session Icons to Ubuntu Login Screen

A new package pitched at Ubuntu 15.04 will fix a usability paper cut in the Unity Greeter when other desktop environments are installed.

16 January 2015
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Ubuntu 12.10 Login Screen Adds Remote Desktop Access

Support for Remote Desktop Logins directly from the login screen has been enabled in Ubuntu 12.10. The feature will allow you to enter a full-screen remote login without needing to login to Ubuntu itself, or install additional apps. It all happens 'out of the box'.

12 September 2012

Ubuntu Login Screen Updates with Minor Visual Tweaks in 12.10

Ubuntu 12.10 has updated the Unity Greeter – aka login screen – with some minor visual tweaks. None of the changes are drastic, and for many will be barely noticeable. The changes, or ‘finesse’, are subtle and incremental improvements to the padding, styling and alignment of items on greeter.

30 August 2012
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Login Screen, Software Center, Ubuntu One Changes Land in Ubuntu 12.04

Today saw the User Interface Freeze for Ubuntu 12.04 take effect, the point past which no major changes can be made to the appearance of applications and/or features. As a result of this, a last […]

23 February 2012