Ubuntu 12.10 has updated the Unity Greeter – aka login screen – with some minor visual tweaks.

None of the changes are drastic, and for many will be barely noticeable. The changes, or ‘finesse’, are subtle and incremental improvements to the padding, styling and alignment of items on greeter.

Unity Greeter Tweaks

The selected session box is now further indented to the left, as well as being marginally wider. It also sports rounder corners, and (at least visually) looks softer around the edges.

The user name font size has also been reduced.

The password enter button sports a subtle orange glow, though (so far) retains the same icon and the caret style as 12.04.

The way that additional sessions are listed has also changed. In place of a “simple list” is a buttoned one.

More Features to Come

Additional features are to be added to the login screen in the coming week or so. These include ‘network indicator’ support and, more notably, most support for network login.

Ubuntu 12.10 is in active development. The changes represented here may be subject to change.

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