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Beginners guide to asking smarter questions in IRC

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.
I’m sure we’ve all asked dumb questions on IRC when we started using Ubuntu – and I’m sure those that hang out in IRC support channels like #ubuntu are all too familiar with said questions.
Luckily for all you Ubuntu n00bs out there who are keen to get in on some of that juicy IRC support action, Martin Owens (doctormo) has whipped up a handy (although quite purple) Ubuntu-anime-filled PDF guide that aims to improve your question-asking technique.
Download and read this guide, and you’ll get your questions answered quicker and in more detail instead of being fobbed off! Hooray, the entire community benefits as a result. Win!
And, just to make this post even more fun, in the comments give us some examples of dumb questions you’ve come across so we all know what NOT to do!