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Registration for the (All New) Ubuntu Summit Opens Sept 1, 2022

From September 1 you can register to attend the Ubuntu Summit, which takes place in Prague, Czech Republic this November. Read on for details on the summit.


Updated: Ubuntu Revives Its Iconic ‘Developer Summit’ — With a Twist

The Ubuntu Developer Summit is back! Well, kinda. An in-person 'Ubuntu Summit' is being held later this year but aimed at enthusiasts as well as developers.

24 April 2022

Ubuntu To Discuss Move to Rolling Release At Next Weeks UDS

Canonical are opening a debate on whether or not Ubuntu should move away from its current release pattern in favour of a 'rolling release' model.

28 February 2013

Ubuntu Developer Summit To Be Held Online, More Frequently

Starting next week, the Ubuntu Developer Summit will transition from being a physical event held once every 6 months, to an online one held every three months.

26 February 2013

Copenhagen, Denmark To Hold Next, Shorter, Ubuntu Developer Summit

Copenhagen, Denmark is to play host to the next Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) later this year. The bi-annual event sees Ubuntu developers from around the world get together to hammer out the details for the next release of Ubuntu.

30 July 2012

Sessions planned for Ubuntu Developer Summit – Oneiric

The Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) for Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot is starting next week, running from Monday 9th of May to 13th of May. An exciting time in the Ubuntu calender year, UDS is where most of the important decisions are made for the next Ubuntu cycle. If you are an enthusiast or interested in Ubuntu 11.10, you might want to keep track of all the developments.

7 May 2011
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Follow Ubuntu 11.04 reactions in our information Hub (update: back on)

Come Ubuntu release day, there's so much stuff happening it's often hard to keep track. There are new articles popping up on OMG! Ubuntu! throughout the day, reactions on Twitter and Identica, chat in the #ubuntu-release-party IRC channel and constant refreshes of to see if the release is, in fact, released.

28 April 2011
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UDS-P, planning Ubuntu 12.04, to be held in Orlando (again)

UDS-O - scheduled to be held in Budapest next month to plan the Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) release - hasn't even happened yet, but the location and date for UDS-P has been booked for later this year.

4 April 2011
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Next Ubuntu Developer Summit to be held in Budapest, Hungary

Once every 6 months the Ubuntu developers meet at a summit to discuss and plan the upcoming release of Ubuntu. The Ubuntu Developer Summit hence attracts a large number of developers, enthusiasts and users every time it is conducted.

8 February 2011