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Ubuntu One File And Music Services Axed, Here’s All You Need to Know

The Ubuntu One cloud storage and music store are being axed, Canonical has announced.

2 April 2014
music streaming in Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One Launch Music Web Streaming

The Ubuntu One team have unveiled a new web streaming feature for the playback of stored music via a web browser. The feature, available to subscribers of the Ubuntu One Music package, is to compliment the […]

15 December 2011
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Unity Music Lens Adds Ubuntu One Music Store Searching

A recent update to the Music lens in Unity has added 'scope' for searching the Ubuntu One Music Store.

28 September 2011
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‘Ubuntu One Music’ Android app adds new features, support

The Ubuntu One Music application for Android has been updated with album art display, playlist editing/creation and support for the playback of .ogg and non-DRM iTunes tracks.

20 April 2011
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Ubuntu One update gives you more bang for your buck

Canonicals' cloud storage service Ubuntu One has received a pricing and service refresh today.

6 October 2010
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Ubuntu One music streaming app for Android enters beta

A new mobile music streaming Android app from Ubuntu One has entered public beta testing. The app allows you to listen to music stored/synchronized in your Ubuntu One account ‘in the cloud’ directly on your […]

1 October 2010

UbuntuOne Music Store – Your Questions Answered

The UbuntuOne Music Store team have put a super helpful FAQ online answering many questions you’ve probably had about the impending Ubuntu 10.04 addition. What regions of the world will be able to purchase songs? […]

26 February 2010