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How To Search Google from the Command Line

If you wanted to Google from the command line you need to check out Googler, a small open-source tool with lets you search the web from a terminal.

18 August 2017
pretty ping graph

Gping is like regular ping, but with a graph

The ping command is a useful way to troubleshooting network issues — but its output does look a little dull by default. Enter Gping, a cross-platform ping tool that prints a pretty graph inside the […]

4 August 2017

Someone Finally Asks Why Ubuntu Has 3 Terminal Apps…

I’ve often wondered why Ubuntu ships with several different terminal apps installed by default. It’s a minor little quirk, granted, and something few people will notice. But a query that has, from time to time, confused […]

24 July 2017
tilix emulator on ubuntu

Terminix is a Tiling Terminal Emulator for Linux

Terminix (aka Tilix) is a tiling terminal emulator for the GNOME desktop. It's featured, fast and frequently recommended — here's why you should try it too.

14 July 2017

Terminus is modern, highly configurable terminal app for Windows, Mac and Linux

Hands up if use GNOME Terminal as your default terminal on Ubuntu? That’s a lot of hands. GNOME Terminal is great. It’s fast, featured, and straightforward. But it doesn’t hurt to try a few alternatives […]

30 June 2017
linux photography apps

PhockUp is a Clever CLI Tool To Organize Photos by Date

Phockup is a simple, straightforward, command line tool for sorting photos into folders based on date. It's an ideal tool for making organized backups.

29 June 2017

Gkill is an Interactive CLI Process Killer Written in Go

If you're looking for an interactive CLI process killer for Windows, macOS or Linux take a look at Gkill, an open-source beauty written in Go.

3 April 2017

How To Quickly Find Emoji from the Command Line

Want a quick way to search for emoji on Linux? Sure you do, cos these little pictographic blighters have risen to become a common way to express nuanced sentiment or context within conversations.  To help, try the simply named emoj. […]

5 December 2016

Hyper Is a Terminal Emulator Built Using Web Technologies

A lot of us use the terminal on Ubuntu, typically from an app like GNOME Terminal, Xterm or an app like Guake. But did you know that there’s an JS/HTML/CSS Terminal?  It’s called Hyper (formerly/also known […]

4 December 2016

NeoFetch — See System Information from the Command Line on Linux

Terminal-based system information tools are unashamedly geeky — and yet undoubtedly useful, too.

23 November 2016

Code Like Its The 80s With This Vintage Retro Terminal

This cool retro terminal emulator lets you code like it's the 1980s. It has a variety of vintage effects and layouts. Better yet, it's open-source.

17 November 2016
rainbow stream logo

Using Twitter From the Command Line Is Actually Really Fun

The command line remains so incredibly popular because it’s so incredibly versatile. You can do a lot in a terminal. You can manage your OS, apps and files; you can connect to remote servers, watch […]

25 October 2016