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Don’t Forget: Ubuntu 21.10 Support Ends on July 14, 2022

It's tick-tock-end-of-life'o'clock for Ubuntu 21.10 'Impish Indri. Those using it should upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 soon to continue receiving updates.

14 June 2022

Ubuntu 13.04 Support Period Ends January 27

The official support period for Ubuntu 13.04 comes to an end later this month. From January 27 the Raring Ringtail will receive no further security updates, bug fixes or package upgrades.

7 January 2014

Support Period for ‘Regular’ Ubuntu Releases Halved

Non-LTS releases of Ubuntu will see their support periods halved from Ubuntu 13.04 onwards.

20 March 2013
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Please help support Amber and Pete Graner after some devastating news

Last week while Amber and Pete Graner were attending the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando, Florida, they received some very bad news. Lightning had struck their home and it had caught fire, burning to the ground.

31 October 2010
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Official Ubuntu Desktop Support For Home Users

Trust me to miss the memo, but somewhere along the line Canonical started selling support services to home users as well as businesses and enterprises via the official Ubuntu Store. Before your eyes gloss over […]

5 January 2010