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world cup 2018: linux apps

Check World Cup Scores on Linux With These Neat Apps

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is well underway and you’re probably obsessively refreshing your favourite website to get all the latest fixtures and results. But with over 30 nations from around the world competing in this prestigious […]

27 June 2018
NBA Go NPM terminal app

Watch NBA Games in the Terminal

NBA Go is a CLI app that puts realtime NBA scores in the terminal. The open-source tool can also access detailed game stats and player information.

6 November 2017

Linux Release Roundup: LibreOffice, F1 2017, Papirus Icon Theme + More

A slate of Linux apps, game and theme releases we’ve mentioned before scored some minor updates over the past week. Few of them merit their own blog post so I figured I’d round-up the pertinent […]

6 November 2017

See Live Cricket Scores on Ubuntu With This Free Tool

Do you want to keep an eye on the latest cricket scores but don't want to use a web browser to do it? You can with Cricket Score Indicator for Ubuntu.

10 September 2015