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KDE Spark Tablet Gets Renamed ‘Vivaldi’

KDE Tablet ‘Spark’ has been forced to change its name due to trademark issues. The €200 tablet, which saw pre-ordering closed due to ‘phenomenal demand’, has been renamed ‘Vivaldi’.  Project lead Aaron Seigo explains that […]

6 March 2012
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Demand For KDE Tablet ‘Phenomenal’

Pre-order registration for the KDE Plasma Active tablet 'Spark' has been closed due to 'overwhelming demand'. "It has been so successful that we've reached our initial production capacity and have closed the pre-order program for now," writes Spark project lead Aaron Seigo on his blog.

21 February 2012
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Pre-Order Registration Opens for KDE Tablet

Pre-order registration for forthcoming KDE tablet 'Spark' is now open. The Spark team hope to use the registration period as a means of gauging demand for the fledgling tablet. Those who register now will be given a 'priority order code' when pre-ordering begins that will 'jump your order to the front of the line'.

16 February 2012
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Watch the €200 KDE Tablet in Action [Video]

As exciting as reading about the forthcoming KDE 'Spark' tablet is nothing beats seeing it in action - and thanks to the project lead Aaron Seigos we can now do just that.

10 February 2012
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€200 KDE Tablet to Ship May; Pre-Orders Open Next Week

Further details on the recently-announced KDE Plasma Active tablet ‘Spark’ have been made available by the project’s lead Aaron Seigos. Online pre-orders for the 200 device will be open ‘early next week’ with a view […]

2 February 2012