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falcon web browser running on ubuntu 17.04 as a Snap app

That was quick: Falkon web browser is now available as a Snap app

Falkon is the new KDE web browser and KDE Neon is wasting no-time in getting it packaged up as a Snap app for users to help test.

29 August 2017
pretty ping graph

Gping is like regular ping, but shows a graph too

The ping command is a useful way to troubleshooting network issues — but its output does look a little dull by default. Enter Gping, a cross-platform ping tool that prints a pretty graph inside the […]

4 August 2017

‘0 A.D.’ Alpha 22 Released, Here’s How to Install it on Ubuntu

A new alpha release of historic real-time strategy game 0 A.D. is available to download. The ancient warfare game has been in continual development since 2002, but only became an open-source project in 2009. Following its shift to an […]

27 July 2017

Best eBook Reader Apps for Ubuntu & Linux Mint

We look at the best ebook reader apps for Ubuntu & Linux desktops, ranging from the Calibre ebook reader to GNOME epub reader Bookworm and Easy Ebook Viewer.

25 July 2017
libreoffice app icons

New LibreOffice Snap App Available for Testing

Reader Jamie P. pinged us over the weekend to let us know that a new version of LibreOffice, the popular open-source office suite, is available as a Snap app. Jamie says LibreOffice is “so […]

10 July 2017

Snap App Integration in KDE Discover Is Picking Up Pace

Work on integration Snap app support with KDE Discover is picking up pace, with devs hopeful that a stable backend can feature in Plasma 5.11.

5 July 2017
hiri linux

Hiri Lets You Access Microsoft Exchange Accounts on Linux

Looking for a Linux email client that works with Microsoft Exchange servers, Office365 or Outlook accounts? You’re far from alone. We regularly receive emails and tweets from Ubuntu users who want to know how to […]

5 July 2017
linux photography apps

PhockUp is a Clever CLI Tool To Organize Photos by Date

Phockup is a simple, straightforward, command line tool for sorting photos into folders based on date. It's an ideal tool for making organized backups.

29 June 2017

Wormhole is a Fast, Secure Way to Send Files to Other Users Through the CLI

Next time you a file you want to send to a friend but don’t fancy the hassle of using Dropbox, try Wormhole. It’s a fast, free and secure way to send files to Linux and […]

28 June 2017
keepassxc 2.2.0

KeePassXC 2.2.0 Released with New Features, Fixes, and Password Generator

A new version of KeePassXC, the community-driven fork of password manager KeePassX is out, and it unlocks a boatload of new features. Janek Bevendorff, announcing the release of KeePassXC 2.2.0, says the update has “lots of new […]

26 June 2017

Enable a Buckling Spring Keyboard Sound on Ubuntu Linux

If you want to hear a buckling spring keyboard sound for every key you press on your keyboard try BUcklespring, a novel app that's available to install on Linux as a Snap app.

14 June 2017

Asinine, Yet Oddly Addictive, Game ‘Pin Town’ is Now Available on Ubuntu

“Joey, you’re going to love this” the e-mail began, emphasis very much theirs, and very much over-hyping what was to follow! “A really great mobile game called Pin Town is now available on Ubuntu on […]

13 June 2017