Everything you ever wanted to know about Snap apps in one concise video — sound good?

If so, the latest video uploaded to the Ubuntu YouTube channel should appeal.

The 8 minute clip whips through the architecture, packaging and management capabilities of Snap applications over traditional software distribution models, and features a healthy dose of practical examples.

“What if you could package, distribute, and update any application for Linux Desktops, Servers, Clouds, and IoT devices? Snaps are containerised software packages that are simple to create and install, safe to run, and can work on all major Linux systems without modification. Whether you’re a developer, desktop user, or even a device manufacturer; you won’t want to miss this!” reads the official blurb.

Intended more of as a developer or packager intro than an end-user promo, the video clearly, cleanly and carefully explains the pros of the fledgling format in a technical manner.

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