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Ubuntu 12.04 App Shortcuts – Spreadsheet Style

How many keyboard shortcuts for Shotwell, Rhythmbox or LibreOffice do you know? If you're anything like me (i.e. a slave to the mouse) then the chances are not many. But reader and Ubuntu contributor Thibaut B., along with a band of other contributors, have decided to create a centralised 'hub' for discovering shortcuts you might not have otherwise knew existed.

22 April 2012
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Unity Shortcut Overlay Coming to Ubuntu 12.04

How many of Unity's keyboard shortcuts do you know? Probably not as many as you'd like! For Ubuntu 12.04 a 'shortcut overlay hint' will appear on screen when the Super key (Aka 'Windows key') is pressed and held. The overlay presents a handy list of key-combos for accessing and navigating various Unity features - which are ideal for power users.

11 December 2011