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text that says install docker on Ubuntu with docker logo

How to Install Docker on Ubuntu 20.04 (Simple Guide)

Installing Docker on Ubuntu 20.04 is easy, and in this short guide we show you how easy! You learn how to install Docker on your system, step-by-step.

20 January 2021
Ubuntu Server

Help Test the New Ubuntu Server Installer

Got much planned this weekend? I only ask because Canonical’s server bods are currently looking for wily folks to help them test an improved version of the new Ubuntu Server installer. Subiquity Ubuntu Server 18.04 debuted […]

19 July 2018
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From Space Stations to Snapchat: Ubuntu Is Everywhere [Infographic]

Canonical shares some impressive stats in a new infographic (which you can see below). helps to offer further insight into just how widely used Ubuntu is.

8 April 2016
LinuxONE Emperor Mainframe

Linux Without Limits: IBM Launch LinuxONE Mainframes

IBM launched the LinuxONE a Linux-only mainframe, a server that will also be able to run Ubuntu.

17 August 2015
Ubuntu Core for iot

Canonical Brings Ubuntu to the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things promises to immerse us in a world of intelligent everyday objects, from tweeting table lamps to weight-watching kettles.

20 January 2015
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Ubuntu 11.10 Development update

Last week we hit Feature Freeze. This is the big date that all developer dread the most. Now features and new upstream versions have to have landed, everything else will be a matter the release team has to decide upon. We are rushing towards release with UI Freeze and Beta Freeze coming up next week. Exciting times!

18 August 2011
Placeholder koala image shows ubuntu servers around the world

Information is so much easier to digest - and so much more impressive to look at - when you can see it presented graphically. Like these map of Ubuntu servers in use around the world.

6 April 2011
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Ubuntu Server Survey 2011

If in the passed week you took a swing by the official Ubuntu website, you will have noticed a new headline post replacing the previous Maverick ad. In an effort to improve future releases of Ubuntu server edition, Canonical is, for the third year in a row, asking users how they are using it and in what environment.

19 January 2011
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Taking a look at Canonical’s Ubuntu system management service, Landscape

Canonical Landscape is a service designed to simplify management of many Ubuntu installations, be they physical computers (usually servers) or cloud based. It's aimed at commercial deployment where system administrators need to keep an eye on dozens, if not hundreds of installations - keeping them all running smoothly, bug free, cool and up to date.

10 October 2010