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Kubuntu, Xubuntu 12.04 Become Long Term Support Releases

Three of Ubuntu's siblings have jumped aboard the Long Term Support (LTS) train.

10 January 2012
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Unity Global Menu To Become Optional in Ubuntu 12.04?

'How can I disable the App Menu in Unity?' is a question often asked by a handful of users unable to adjust to the menus of applications being embedded in Unity's top panel. But a solution to this minor 'gripe' is, seemingly, on the way.

8 January 2012
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Ubuntu 12.04 Development Update 9

(This was first posted here.) Development Update This will be the last development update of 2011, so let’s see where we stand in terms of 12.04. We are 10 weeks into the release cycle and […]

22 December 2011
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Empathy with MSN XMPP Support Lands in Ubuntu 12.04

Barely day after GNOME devs added it to Empathy, working MSN XMPP support has landed in Ubuntu 12.04. The feature allows stable connection to the MSN Network using the open standard XMPP service. The use of such a well supported standard should give Linux users a stable and consistent connection to what is one of the worlds largest IM networks. If you're already using Ubuntu 12.04 you'll find this update sliding down the update pipes very shortly.

20 December 2011
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Precise Software Centre Adds ‘Books and Magazines’ Category

The Ubuntu 12.04 Software Centre has added a new category – ‘Books and Magazines’. Although a variety of e-books are already available to purchase in Ubuntu 11.10 there is no distinct ‘filter’ available for their […]

19 December 2011
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Ubuntu 12.04 Login Sound To Be Disabled By Default

The familiar login sound of Ubuntu has been disabled by default in an update to Ubuntu 12.04.

18 December 2011
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Ubuntu 12.04 Development Update 8

(This article was posted here before.) Development Update With holidays and the end of the year coming up soon, there is still lots going on, but there is not much on the release cycle plan […]

16 December 2011

KDE Plasma Active Two Sees Release

A new release of Plasma Active - the touch-orientated interface for KDE - has been released. Plasma Active Two comes with many new features enhancements over those found in last october's 'Plasma Active One' release.

14 December 2011
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Unity Tweak Tool ‘MyUnity’ Gets New Look, Coming to Ubuntu Software Centre

Ubuntu unity customization app 'MyUnity' has been updated with a revamped interface. The application provides a user-friendly way to adjust, tweak and customize part of the Unity desktop.

11 December 2011
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Unity Shortcut Overlay Coming to Ubuntu 12.04

How many of Unity's keyboard shortcuts do you know? Probably not as many as you'd like! For Ubuntu 12.04 a 'shortcut overlay hint' will appear on screen when the Super key (Aka 'Windows key') is pressed and held. The overlay presents a handy list of key-combos for accessing and navigating various Unity features - which are ideal for power users.

11 December 2011
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Ubuntu 12.04 Development Update 7

(This post was originally published here.) Development Update The development of 12.04 is ticking along nicely. Alpha 1 was released last week and work on features is continuing while changes from Upstream (including Debian) are […]

8 December 2011
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Ubuntu’s Overlay Scrollbars Get Updated, Here’s How To Upgrade in Oneiric

An updated version of Ubuntu’s ‘Overlay Scrollbars’ has landed in Ubuntu 12.04 – and is available for Ubuntu 11.10 users to install. What’s new? Improved thumb appearance The proximity area (which reveals the scrollbar) has been […]

8 December 2011