The familiar login sound of Ubuntu has been disabled by default in an update to Ubuntu 12.04.

The switch-off comes in a patch uploaded by Jeremy Bicha, which considers the chime to be ‘more disruptive than helpful’ in light of faster boot times.

As iconic as the sound is there is an argument to be made for it having outstayed its welcome. Despite a top-to-toe rebranding of Ubuntu’s visual identity its auditory one remained the same as it had since Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft.

And since Ubuntu 12.04 promises to boot up faster than previous releases one has to question the need for a 5 second long musical introduction to mask the bit-by-bit loading of the desktop.

Enraged by such a change? Relax – the login sound can be easily re-enabled from the Startup Applications panel, and in future version of Precise from the Sound Settings dialog.

Thanks to WarriorIng64

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