overlay scrollbars in ubuntu 12.04
Old vs New thumb appearance

An updated version of Ubuntu’s ‘Overlay Scrollbars’ has landed in Ubuntu 12.04 – and is available for Ubuntu 11.10 users to install.

What’s new?

  • Improved thumb appearance
  • The proximity area (which reveals the scrollbar) has been extended to cover the entire window edge
  • New thumb positioning according to mouse pointer and bar position.
  • The thumb is more freely movable while touching an edge.
  • For fine-scroll mode press Control while dragging
  • Press Control while doing page up/down to do step up/down instead.
  • Jumping is now triggered via Middle Click or via Shift + Button1.
  • Other tweaks, fixes, and small performance improvements

You can watch a video of the new overlay scrollbars in action by clicking play on the video below:

Ubuntu 11.10 users can upgrade their scrollbars using by adding the following PPA to their Software Sources then upgrade using the Update Manager.


Thanks to WarriorIng64

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