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Unity Global Menu To Become Optional in Ubuntu 12.04?

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

‘How can I disable the App Menu in Unity?‘ is a question often asked by a handful of users unable to adjust to the menus ofapplications beingembedded in Unity’s top panel.

But a solution to this minor ‘gripe’ is, seemingly, on the way.

Design Team to theRescue

Buried among the latest raft of mock-ups from Ubuntu Design Team members Christian Giordano & John Lea is arevamped ’User Interface‘ pane that houses an option to turn off Ubuntu’s App Menu.

Theoption, which appearsin a new ‘User Interface >Behaviour’tab, is one of two settings listed under the heading of ‘Application Menu‘.

The first – and default – option is ‘Always integrated in top bar‘. This is the behaviour uses in Ubuntu for the last few releases.The second option appears to offer the options switch off the Ubuntu ‘App Menu’ and, instead, integrate menus withindividual app windows.

Disabling the App Menu is nothing new.

Ubuntu 11.10 users can already ‘disable’ the global menu by removing the ‘appmenu‘ package from the Software Centre. But the presence of a check box makes for a less drastic and more intuitive way to tweak the desktop to suit your own workflow.

Unity = Customizable

The planned option is yet more proof that as Unity matures it is better able to address the needs of its users.

It’s uncertain whether this specific feature will land in Ubuntu 12.04 but thatthe feature is plannedwill be good news to those who find global menus a pain in theproverbialrear.

But it’s not the only change being planned. A visual refresh of the GNOME System Settings that aims to bring the app ‘in line with the Unity look and feel’ is also on the drawing board (as the official design mock-ups below show).

current-and-proposed GNOME System Settings

Various settings panes within the Control Panel sportnew looks and new features, including Power Options, Accessibility, and Displays.