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Firefox 77 Released with Minor Changes

Firefox 77 has arrived with a whole load of …nothing major. Still, iterative improvement is as welcome as shiny new features so read on to discover more.

2 June 2020

Mozilla Acquires Pocket, Will Open Source Pocket Code

Chances are you've heard the new: Mozilla has acquired Pocket, the go-to 'read it later' service, and says it plans to open-source Pocket code in due course.

27 February 2017

PockIt — A Free Pocket App for Ubuntu Phone

I am a big user of Pocket, the (awesome) read it later service. Like, seriously big. So I was stoked to learn that it’s now possible to read my latest must-reads offline on Ubuntu Phone. How? Using PockIt, […]

1 March 2016

‘Pocket’ Support Added to GNOME Online Accounts

Support for popular content bookmarking service Pocket has been added to GNOME Online Accounts, allowing for some nifty desktop integration.

16 January 2014