Pidgin’s preferences menu will be getting a overhaul in time for it’s next major release.

Keen to solve the current “bug reports” regarding Pidgin’s preferences window not fitting on a netbook sized screen, a plucky Pidgin developer sought to make it more spatially friendly. The result is this: –

Below is the current preferences window as of 2.6.3

You can instantly see the the shift from vertical to horizontal, benefiting the wide-yet-short netbook screens we’ve all come to squint at.
Other Changes
This re-positioning of the menu showed up many areas of unused and wasted “chrome”, or window space, and has resulted in some menu’s being merged, some items moving around and some methods of entry changing. All good progress, in my eyes!
Check out the original article in which the developer goes into detail behind the decisions and changes over @ The Flaming Banker.

The new window will land – along with other changes and improvements I’m sure – in the next release of Pidgin, namely 2.6.4.