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Google Officially Drop Picasa For Linux

In news that won't surprise many, Google have formally announced that Picasa for Linux is no-more. The desktop photo management/editing tool has been available for Linux since 2006 .

20 April 2012
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Picapy: Desktop ‘Picasa Web’ file browser for Ubuntu

Managing your Picasa Web photos without opening a browser or installing Google's Wine-friendly Picasa Photo editor is possible using Picapy - a python based file browser for Picasa Web albums.

15 March 2011
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Installing Picasa 3.8 in Ubuntu via WINE: What works, what doesn’t.

Google Picasa 3.8 was released yesterday to much online fanfare. A bunch of neat new features landed including: – Edit photos in Picnik directly from Picasa 3.8 Batch upload Photo properties and the show stealing […]

18 August 2010
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Photobucket Drop Support for Linux

Photobucket – once the pin-up of the online image hosting world – has informed a frustrated Mint user that their service no longer supports Linux. They write: – Thank you for your comments. Please note YouTube supports different […]

22 December 2009
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[How To] Improve The Look of Picasa In Ubuntu

Google’s photo-management come editor program ‘Picasa’ is a wonderful application for sorting and imporiving the appearance of your photos. Shame it looks lame in Ubuntu! Thankfully you can do a few things to improve the look of Picasa, the […]

13 November 2009
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Install Picasa 3.5 In Linux

Google this week released Picasa 3.5 for Windows and Mac. Sadly no Linux version was offered, a fact Google blamed on the lowly adoption figures they have for Picasa on Linux. I think that’s a […]

23 September 2009
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Top 5 Apps Not Installed With Ubuntu

There are some incredibly useful applications that don’t ship with Ubuntu one for reason or another. Below I list my 5 of the best applications you might be missing out on! Pitivi – Simple Video […]

24 April 2009