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Android on the PinePhone

Android 10 is Coming to the PinePhone (Updated)

GloDroid is a project that wants to bring a fully open source version of Android 10 to low-cost devices including the Orange Pi, PinePhone and PineTab.

15 July 2020
LibreOffice for Android

Collabora Office Brings LibreOffice to Android, iOS

Collabora Office is a free office app for Android and iOS based on LibreOffice, making it the closet thing to LibreOffice for Android.

27 February 2020

Is the MNT Reform the Most Open Source Laptop, Ever? It Comes Close!

MNT Reform is an open source Linux laptop 99.9% free of binary blobs, running entirely on open source software. It's developed by Berlin-based MNT Research.

20 January 2020

GNOME Foundation reports a huge increase in funding for 2018

The GNOME Foundation has been posted its 2018 annual report, seeing a substantial increase in funding thanks to two major donations.

27 June 2019

CERN Ditches Microsoft to ‘Take Back Control’ with Open Source Software

CERN is known for pushing the boundaries of scientific understanding, but the research outfit's next major experiment will be with open-source software.

12 June 2019
simplenote on linux

Every Simplenote App Is Now Open-Source

The team behind Simplenote has open-sourced ALL of the nifty note-taking service's desktop and mobile apps.

21 August 2016
elementary os logo

Elementary Website Goes Open Source, Privacy Minded

The new version of the elementary website is being built entirely in open-source technologies and will be privacy conscious from the start.

27 January 2015

Why A Million Linux Music Players Is A Good Thing

It's a predictable, if understandable reaction. So, when writing an article on QupZilla's latest release earlier today, I was prepared to hear it.

27 January 2014

Linux Q&A ; Why I Play for Both Teams

Recently a number of you in the OMG! Ubuntu community have been wondering about my "Ubuntu is Easy" videos, and why I have chosen to create a series of what seem like extremely simple tutorials. A few of you have wondered if they're even necessary. A few more think that I shouldn't use Windows at all if I'm a true open source proponent. Here's my short answer to that and more Linux politics.

13 August 2011
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#LCA2011 – Thinking of starting a small business? Check out these principles

Arjen Lentz is currently giving a talk at entitled "Creating the Business you want." At the beginning of his talk he handed out a sheet of A4 with 10 principles Lentz believes small companies should stick to when starting out.

24 January 2011
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#LCA2011 How does one create a sustainable open source business?

Open source can provide an excellent foundation for building businesses, as we've seen from many companies past and present. But how does one utilize the tools and benefits of Open Source to create a successful business model and a sustainable company?

24 January 2011
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This short film trailer made in Ubuntu is really rather good

Settle down for a minute or so and watch the trailer below for upcoming short Last Payment by Eric Kneifel which was made entirely in Ubuntu using FOSS apps!

22 November 2010