Ubuntu 11.10 users are being encouraged to take part in ‘Ubuntu Friendly’ – a community-drive database of desktops, laptops and netbooks that work well with Ubuntu.

The sitegathersits results from Ubuntu users who run the ‘System Testing’ tool that is installed in Ubuntu by default.

After running all of the required tests, users can submit their result to Ubuntu Friendly where, providing everything was done as asked and their system is branded, it will be added to the database and assigned a ‘star rating’ (between 1 and 5).The more users who run the ‘test’ the more accurate results will be.

Ubuntu friendly is installed by default

Easily searchable

Test results are presented in an easily-searchable format, with easy filters for device type and result rating so if you have a specific device in mind – it’s worth seeing if it’s listed.

ubuntu friendly showing results for dell laptops

It should be mentioned that the site is still in Beta, and the official ‘launch’ of Ubuntu Friendly is occur in the coming weeks.

When populated with even more result theUbuntuFriendlysite –friendly.ubuntu.com-will prove a valuable asset to anyone looking to buy hardware that is known to work well with Ubuntu.

How to help Ubuntu Friendly

Ubuntu11.10users need a spare 15 minutes and a few extra perhiperhals to hand (such as an SD card, USB stick and optical media).

The ‘System Testing Tool’ is installed by default, so no extra downloads or PPAs are required in order to participate – just search ‘System testing’ in the Dash to find the tool.

Now you’re all set to help test. You’ll need to provide your Launchpad e-mail address inorder to submit your results – but as these are free and you’ll be helping millions of other Ubuntu users this requirement is not too much of aninconvenience.

If you’re still unsure, of you need further information, the following video from the Ubuntu Friendly folk tells you all you need to know about getting started.

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