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google chrome may soon use native linux notifications

Chrome Adds Initial Support for Native Linux Desktop Notifications

Last month we told you that Google Chrome might start using native notifications on Linux — and now the first bit of code to enable this has landed.

5 April 2017
google chrome may soon use native linux notifications

Chrome Could Start Using Native Notifications on Linux

Google Chrome could soon use native notifications on Linux desktops. A bug report asking for the browser to use a Linux desktop environment’s notification system was filed late last year but recently become active again. Google Chrome (and […]

17 March 2017
Spotify Notify-OSD

Never Miss a Desktop Notification Again With This Indicator

Hate missing desktop notifications on Ubuntu? Well, with the Recent Notifications indicator you don’t need to. This handy tool collects and collates all desktop notifications you receive, regardless of whether you see them or not. Then, with […]

18 December 2016

How To Disable Desktop Notifications on Ubuntu

The Unity 7 desktop in Ubuntu does not come with a ‘do not disturb’ feature by default. Ubuntu desktop notification can keep you notified of many things, from a track change in Rhythmbox to new […]

5 June 2016
Native Ubuntu Notifications for Chrome in Ubuntu 12.04

[How To] Make Chrome Use Native Notifications in Linux

If you use any web-apps or websites in Chrome that provide notification pop-ups on your desktop then you'll know how out of place they look in Ubuntu. But all it takes to enable native notifications is one extension. Read on for more.

16 May 2012

‘Udev-notify’ provides Ubuntu notifications when connecting USB peripherals

Whilst the name of this app isn't the most memorable, what it does is. By default Ubuntu provides no feedback whether the connection of a peripheral device - such as a webcam or usb thumbdrive - has succeed or failed. Windows, for example, uses a set of audio notifications to relay such status. udev-notify brings a similar functionality, albeit a visual one using Ubuntu's Notification system, to your desktop.

9 May 2011