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linux kernel 5.16 released

Linux Kernel 5.16 Released – And Gamers Will Love It

Linux kernel 5.16 features a wealth of gaming related improvements, including support for FUTEX2 and drivers for the Nintendo Joy Cons and Pro controller.

10 January 2022

GNOME’s Retro Gaming App Just Keeps Getting Better

GNOME Games lets you manage and retro games on Linux using libretro cores. The next release is faster, and will let you run Virtual Boy and MSX games.

9 August 2018
Ubuntu 18.04 running on a Nintendo Switch

This is Ubuntu 18.04 Running on the Nintendo Switch

Dream of using Linux on the Nintendo Switch? Dream no more as hardware hackers 'fail0verflow' have disclosed a Nintendo Switch exploit that lets you boot Linux distros like Ubuntu.

27 April 2018

RetroEngine Sigma Is a Linux-Powered Retro Games Console

A new Linux-powered retro games console wants to do for the Gameboy, SNES and Genesis, what the NES Classic has done for the NES. As a retro gamer I (quite naturally) was stoked to see the […]

7 December 2016

Nintendo’s $60 NES Classic Runs Linux

Chances are you’ve seen (and cooed over) the Nintendo NES Classic, a $60 re-version of the 1980s gaming console legend. It’s cute, cheap and comes with 30 NES games pre-loaded. You also get everything you need right in […]

7 November 2016