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Zoom Slider Coming to Nautilus Elementary

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

The gorgeous Nautilus-Elementary (see previous post on how to install it here) seems to be taking some cues from other file-managers. Look what’s found it’s way into the main Nautilus window: –
A zoom slider… thingy!

The idea is, of course, not new and such sliders can be found in other file managers such as Dolphin, OS X’s finder, F-Spot, etc. The GNOME development team rejected sliders on stock Nautilus a few years ago but are currently reconsidering!

Placing a slider on Nautilus Elementary is an excellent decision and fits in perfectly with the planned goal for creating a Nautilus that is not only nicer to look at, but nicer to use.

The slider will be available via the PPA build of Nautilus Elementary shortly.

One decision yet to be made is whether to have icons on either side of the slider.

Users may not instinctively know what the slider is for – although Apple, in OS X omit icons on the ‘Finder’ zoom slider.

However, aesthetically, I much prefer it without the icons.

How about you? : –