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How Does Ubuntu TV Look in Action? Like This…

More information on the newly revealed Ubuntu TV has been made available online by Canonical. Alongside a new mini-site to promote the OS to device manufactures, a short video showing off the UI of the entertainment-orientated OS spin in action has been put online.

9 January 2012
this. but with ubuntu on it

‘Ubuntu TV’ to be Revealed at CES

An Ubuntu-powered internet TV is Canonical's mystery 'Ubuntu Concept Design'. The prototype device will be shown off during next weeks Consumer Electronics Show.

7 January 2012
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Ubuntu Mobile Phone Concepts

Ubuntu's plan for a multi-device presence, to potentially include smartphones, has fired up the imagination of users. And the community have been quick to stoke their creative talents in mocking up a variety of possible implementations. Inside we show off three of designs that have been mailed into us...

4 December 2011
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Ubuntu Smart TV Discussions Begin to ‘Warm Up’

Discussions towards the shaping of Ubuntu's planned to foray into the Smart TV sector are ' warming up' according to a new blog post from Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth.

27 November 2011

Ubuntu Unity Smartphone and Tablet Mockup

Canonical plans for Ubuntu to go multi-device, appearing on smartphones, tablets, TVs in addition to the regular ol' PC, aren't due to sneak out until Ubuntu 14.04. But Ubuntu user Ian Santopietro thinks you can't ever be 'too early' to start thinking about how the interface might look, and so presented his take on a multi-device Ubuntu's Unity interface to the 'Ayatana' mailing list.

8 November 2011