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Windows 10 S Won’t Let Users Install Linux Distros

Microsoft has confirmed that users of Windows 10 S, a feature-limited version on Windows 10, won't be able to install Linux distros from the Windows Store.

25 May 2017

Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSUSE are Coming to the Windows Store

Ubuntu will soon be available to install from the Windows Store on Windows 10. Nope, I’m not drunk, and you’re not hallucinating. The news was announced by Microsoft’s Terry Myers at the software giant’s annual Build conference for […]

12 May 2017

This Tool Lets You Use Fedora and Other Distros with Windows Subsystem for Linux

Add you likely know, Windows 10 Anniversary Update offers a hidden developer-orientated feature called  Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and also known as ‘Bash on Ubuntu on Windows’. The feature allows fans of popular open-source and Linux-based […]

20 November 2016

Microsoft Has Joined the Linux Foundation (No, Really!)

Microsoft has joined the Linux Foundation.  No, you don’t need to rub yours eyes: we did just write that. The company says it is “joining the Linux Foundation as a Platinum Member to better collaborate […]

16 November 2016

This Is The GNOME Web Browser Running on Windows 10 [File Under Crazy]

The screenshot above …It shows madness incarnate. Okay, it doesn’t — but it is close! You’re looking at GNOME Web — the open-source web-browser formerly known as Epiphany — running on Windows 10 via the Windows Subsystem for […]

15 November 2016
skype for linux alpha

Is Microsoft Building Yet Another Skype Client?

Recent rumours suggest yet another Skype desktop app to help ease the burden of maintaining so many — but is Skype for Life, in fact, already here and running on Linux?

21 September 2016

You Can’t Install Linux on a Microsoft Signature Edition Laptop (Updated)

It seems that Microsoft Signature Edition PCs prevent you from installing Linux, with a Lenovo rep saying this is "per our agreement with Microsoft".

21 September 2016
skype for linux alpha

Skype for Linux Alpha 1.6 Now Available, Still Can’t Make Video Calls

A couple of weeks since the last update, a new version of Skype for Linux Alpha is available to download. We take a look at what's new.

2 September 2016

Some Users Say Windows 10 Anniversary Update Hosed Their Partitions

If you plan on installing the Windows 10 Anniversary update on your PC you may want to be extra careful.

3 August 2016
skype for linux alpha

Skype Announce Brand New Linux Client, Now In Alpha

A brand-new Skype for Linux client has been announced — and you can try it today.

13 July 2016
unity on windows 10

This Is the Unity Desktop Running On Windows 10

This is the Ubuntu Unity desktop running on Windows 10 natively, without a virtual machine.

10 July 2016
keep calm use linux poster

You Don’t Need To Panic About ‘Ubuntu on Windows’

Up is now down, down is now left, and Microsoft is no longer evil — but are Linux lovers stuck in the past?

31 March 2016