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You Don’t Need To Panic About ‘Ubuntu on Windows’

Up is now down, down is now left, and Microsoft is no longer evil — but are Linux lovers stuck in the past?

31 March 2016

Ubuntu Is Coming to Windows 10. No, Really.

Don’t rub your eyes: you’re not misreading. Microsoft and Canonical are, according to a reliable rumour out of ZDNet, working together to bring Ubuntu to Windows 10 desktops. In what is surely an early contender for […]

30 March 2016

Microsoft Wants To Patent Convergence Style Technology

Canonical is not the only software company who is interested in the idea of using a single mobile device to power additional computing experiences.  Microsoft — boo, hiss, etc — has long pursued the idea, starting with Windows XP […]

7 March 2016

Canonical Explain Why Ubuntu Is A Better Choice Than Windows 10

Canonical say businesses who switch to Ubuntu could save as much as 70 percent versus the cost of upgrading to Windows 10.

27 August 2015
Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf

Ubuntu 15.10 Codename Announced (And a Whole Heap More)

The codename of Ubuntu 15.10 has been revealed as news of a powerful new Ubuntu Phone that turns into a PC when connected to a monitor is revealed.

4 May 2015
Visual Studio Code

How to Install Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu

Microsoft has released a Linux version of Visual Studio Code, a lightweight, code editor with IntelliSense and supporting over 30 languages.

1 May 2015

Microsoft Announces Windows 10 – One Platform for All The Devices

Microsoft today ended speculation on what it plans to call the next version of Windows. After the success of 7 and the muted enthusiasm that greeted 8, get ready for, er, Windows 10.

30 September 2014

Need Microsoft Office on Ubuntu? Install the Official Web Apps

It's not everyone's cup of joe, but Microsoft Office and its family of finicky file formats are a mainstay of many working and educational environments — for better or worse.

11 July 2014

Is Windows 9 Planned Convergence Feature Similar to Ubuntu?

New rumours suggest that Microsoft's upcoming Windows 9 release will adapt its user interface to suit the type of hardware it's running on.

4 July 2014

OneDrive-D Syncs Files to and from Microsoft OneDrive on Ubuntu

onedrive-d brings Microsoft OneDrive to Ubuntu, making it another viable alternative for former Ubuntu One users.

24 June 2014

German City Starts Distributing Free Ubuntu 12.04 CDs to Windows XP Users

The German city of Munich has begun offering free Ubuntu 12.04 CDs in local libraries in an effort to help citizens still using Windows XP.

14 September 2013

German City Hopes to Wean Citizens Off Windows XP With Free Linux CDs

Munich City Council plan to distribute free Linux CDs to citizens as a 'replacement for Windows XP' - support for which ends in April 2014.

23 June 2013