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MATE Desktop 1.26 Released with Initial Wayland Support + More

We look at the changes present in MATE Desktop 1.26. Many new features have been added, including initial support for Wayland. Keen to learn more? Read on!

19 August 2021

MATE Desktop 1.24 Release Arrives with a Slew of Improvements

A new version of the MATE desktop has been released and in this post —yes the one you’re reading right now— I recap some of the changes being offered in the MATE 1.24 release. Not […]

11 February 2020
Ubuntu Mate 18.04 bionic beaver traditional layout

Quarter Window Tiling Support added to the MATE Desktop

Support for quarter window tiling has been added to the MATE desktop. The feature is one of several improvements shipping in the latest stable release of the ‘retrospective’ desktop environment, which was forked from GNOME 2 […]

7 February 2018
Brisk Menu Applet v0.5

Brisk Menu 0.5 Released with ‘Favoriting’ & Desktop Action Support

Brisk menu 0.5 has been released. The fast, efficient app menu applet for MATE desktop adds support for adding apps to a 'favorites' category.

2 November 2017
mir display server

Mir Might Live on as a Wayland Compositor for the MATE Desktop

When Canonical jettisoned its over-egged ambitions of building a ‘convergent’ platform spanning mobile, desktop and IoT devices most of us assumed that it signalled the end of the road for Mir, its home-grown display server […]

27 June 2017
mate desktop 1.18

MATE Desktop 1.18 Released, Is Now GTK3 Only

MATE Desktop 1.18 is now available to download. The release completes the migration to GTK3, and adds a splash of improvements to many of its core apps.

15 March 2017
ubuntu mate 16.10

MATE Desktop 1.16 Is Now Available on Ubuntu MATE 16.10

Ubuntu MATE 16.10 will now definitely ship with the MATE Desktop 1.16, with all relevant desktop packages and app updates available in the Ubuntu archives.

7 October 2016

MATE Desktop 1.16 Released With Improved GTK3 Support

MATE Desktop 1.16 is said to focus on "improving GTK3+ compatibility, migrating components to newer libraries, fixing bugs and code hygiene."

22 September 2016
ubuntu mate remix logo

Ubuntu MATE Remix Seeks Official Spin Status

A custom spin of Ubuntu using the GNOME 2-based MATE desktop environment by default is looking to gain official spin status from Canonical.

19 August 2014

MATE Desktop Environment Will Be Available in Ubuntu 14.04

Ubuntu 14.04 will, for the first time, allow users to install the MATE desktop environment straight from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

10 January 2014

[How To] Run MATE Desktop In GNOME Shell

This being Linux, we have the good fortune of having our choice of desktop environment - and nobody says that it has to be one at a time.

10 February 2013