“Don’t Call It A ‘Party’ If It’s Not!” yells the catchy slogan from the Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo team in their promotional call-to-arms for celebrating Ubuntu 10.10’s release next month.

The humorous complaint is simple: Many of the so called "parties" thrown to celebrate an Ubuntu release aren’t parties. ‘They’re more like install-fests, or seminars’ according to the Vancouver LoCo team, suggesting instead that wannabe celebrators should…

“Party! The real way. See what happens when the world notices that we’re a lot of fun, just like Ubuntu.”

A public service announcement from Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo team.


I think this is one campaign I could certainly get behind!

How about you? How will you be celebrating the release of the Maverick Meerkat? Let us know in the comments below and if you’ve thrown any awesome release parties previously share some details to give others ideas.

Thanks to Vancouver LoCo’s Randall Ross

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