Ubuntu is all about community. A community that is distributed all around the world.
If anyone should be given credit for spreading Ubuntu (Canonical Marketing Teams and the general media excluded) then it should be our heroes from LoCo teams who take time to generate awareness around Ubuntu and advocate open source software. They also contribute back to Ubuntu by translation, development and last but not least install fest.
Here at OMG! Ubuntu! we want to honour such LoCo teams with outstanding achievements. We’re starting up a new initiative cheesily titled Doing the LoCo-motion with OMG! Ubuntu! which aims to share stories from LoCo teams who have run successful events or want to advertise an event, as well as interviewing key members of different LoCos to ask them questions about what they do and how they do it. Eventually we hope to feature every single LoCo team at least once!
If you belong to a LoCo team and want to get your work featured on OMG! Ubuntu! please contact us and let us know what you do. Share any links to blog posts about your recent event and contact details so we can get in touch!