A large portion of you reading this post will be doing so in the Linux RSS reader app ‘Liferea’.

The good news for you folks, as well as anyone else looking to read their RSS feeds through a desktop client, is that a new version of the application was recently released.

Liferea 1.8

Liferea 1.8 brings with it significant performance and stability improvements as well as a handful of handy new features.

Amongst the selection of new features are: –

  • Improved Google Reader support
  • TinyTiny RSS 1.5+ support
  • Google Reader folders
  • Drag to reorder tabs
  • ‘Copy link’ and ‘Save as’ in-line browser actions
  • Sort feeds alphabetically
Tiny RSS support has been added to Liferea 1.8

How to install Liferea 1.8 in Ubuntu

Despite Lifrea 1.8 being a stable release it is not yet available for Ubuntu users to install through the Liferea Stable PPA.

Instead you will need to add the more precarious ‘Liferea Development PPA‘ to get the newest features.


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