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top icons plus example

Bad News for Users of TopIcons Plus…

The development of the popular TopIcons Plus GNOME extension has been put on pause. Offering a convenient way to access indicator applets and system tray icons from the GNOME top bar, the extension has proven popular with […]

24 September 2017

GNOME 3.26 Removes the Legacy System Tray — But Will You Miss It?

GNOME 3.26 removes the legacy tray area still used by some desktops apps. We ask whether this decision is really as big of a deal as it sounds.

1 September 2017
ubuntu 17.10 development

Ubuntu 17.10 Will Use GNOME Shell 3.26

Most of us expected that Ubuntu 17.10 would manage to with GNOME Shell 3.26 on board — but it’s nice to hear it confirmed. A feature-freeze exception filed pending a package update last week has […]

30 August 2017