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UKUI Ubuntu Kylin Desktop

Meet The New Linux Desktop Environment Inspired by Windows 7

UKUI (Ubuntu Kylin User Interface) is a fork of the MATE desktop that is designed to look like Windows 7, a desktop that Kylin say its users prefer.

13 February 2017
Windows 8 Share Bar

China Bans Windows 8 From Use In Government

China has issued a ban on Windows 8 being used on official governmental computers in a move that may hasten adoption of open-source alternatives in the country.

20 May 2014

Ubuntu Kylin Announces Hardware Deal with HP in China

Ubuntu's official Chinese flavour, Kylin, has struck its first major OEM deal with computing giant HP.

16 May 2014

China Downloaded More Than 1.5 Million Copies of Ubuntu in 2013

Ubuntu Kylin, a version of Ubuntu orientated to Chinese users, has been downloaded more 1.5 million times in over the last year.

16 February 2014

WPS Office – A Faithful Microsoft Office Clone for Linux

When is Microsoft Office not Microsoft Office? When it's actually a faithfully-crafted imitation, of course!

26 March 2013