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Ubuntu Ditches Freenode, Moves IRC Channels Elsewhere

Ubuntu has moved its IRC infrastructure from Freenode to the new Libera Chat platform, following changes to the management of the Freenode company.

26 May 2021
Srain IRC Client

Srain is a New GTK IRC Client for Linux Desktops

Srain is a modern GTK IRC client for Linux desktops. Sporting a well designed UI, the app makes chats and channels easier to access, join, and read.

1 March 2020

Desktop IRC App Smuxi Tweaks Layout, Adds Scripting Support

With Christmas being a time for the coming together of friends and family it's an apt time for Smuxi, the popular cross-platform desktop IRC client, to push out a new release.

24 December 2013

‘Polari’ – An Awesome New IRC App for GNOME

Work has recently begun on a new GNOME 3 IRC app called 'Polari'.

15 October 2013

Smuxi IRC App Update Adds Improved Look, New Features

Smuxi, the multi-platform IRC client, has been updated and refreshed with a new look. Read on to see what's new and improved.

23 June 2013
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Smuxi IRC Client Pushes Out New Update

I need to confess: it's been a while since I last wrote about the (frankly awesome) IRC client Smuxi. But today sees Smuxi push out a new bug-fix update to its 0.8.10 release thus giving me an ideal opportunity to make up for my faux pas. So below I present a quick recap of the features of the new stuff, and the important details how to get it all...

23 August 2012
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Facebook Chat, New Features Land in Latest Release of Smuxi IRC App

Smuxi, my personal favourite IRC client, has a new release available. It adds a number of new features that make it capable of pleasing the most ardent of IRC users.

14 January 2012
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Find your place in the Ubuntu community – hit up Ubuntu Community Week happening now

Half the battle of wanting to contribute to open source is knowing where to start. I remember when I first started contributing to Ubuntu I found it difficult to discover a project to contribute to, especially since I'm not a developer. The Ubuntu community are aware of this, and as such, they've brainstormed a new event that's happening right now.

19 July 2011
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‘Paste Bin It’ Plugin For Tomboy Notes App Makes Sharing Text Snippets Simpler

You need to share some lengthy terminal output, a bizarre conversation or other block of text or others to see. E-Mail is too much effort, creating, saving and sending a file attachment is over-kill but pasting it the chat room or IM window is just going flood it. What to do? PasteBinIt from Tomboy Notes!

23 June 2011

Smuxi IRC app updates with new features & fixes

Smuxi IRC client - which impressed us considerably in our previous review - has released a new version packed with updates and fixes.

25 July 2010
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Smuxi IRC Client – much of what you expect with a little bit you don’t

IRC Clients are one category of application that hasn't evolved much over the last few years. Smuxi doesn't deviate from this mould and is an Irssi-inspired IRC client targeted at ‘sophisticated' GNOME users, although available on other platforms, too. Smuxi has more than a handful of ace features up it's sleeve that would make it an ideal consideration if you're looking to switch IRC clients.

9 July 2010
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Using the OMG! Ubuntu! IRC Channel – How to join in the fun

Did you know OMG! Ubuntu! has an IRC channel? Oh yeah. We like to geek out, too. If you’ve never visited, but would like to, then this post is a quick guide on how to […]

30 May 2010