Want to make Skype calls through Skype for Web on Linux? 

Sure you do, but you don’t need to wait for Microsoft to flick the ‘on switch’ on their side/fix the web compatibility bug blocking Linux users.

There’s now a simple(-ish) workaround…

Microsoft recently retired the need to use a plugin to make use of Skype for Web’s calling features through its Microsoft Edge web-browser.

“Plugin-free calling in Edge is the first step towards an interoperable, standards-based calling experience in Skype and Skype for Business, so that Skype users on any modern platform can communicate without the need for plugins or downloads,” say Microsoft of the change.

Although Edge is not available on Linux one rad Redditor has revealed a reliable way to get voice calling to work in Mozilla Firefox.

We can thank Edge’s use of standards compliant web technologies for facilitating this, as there’s nothing stopping (bar user agent string sniffing) from making Skype for Web calls using other modern web browsers.

The steps you need to follow, as ~Fuhrer707 details, are:

  1. Install User Agent Overrider Firefox add-on
  2. Set the user agent to Windows / Edge
  3. Restart Firefox
  4. Go to
  5. Allow access to microphone and notifications
  6. Make a Skype test call and adjust audio levels based on the recording

That’s it.

It’s worth noting that, at present, video calls are not supported. If you try to use your webcam during a call  the call will end abruptly. Group testing has also not been tested.

Is this workaround worth it? If you need to chat in a pinch and your buddy insists on using Skype, it’s useful. If you’re bored with blowing dust off the official native Skype Linux app you should also give it a try.

Let us know in the comments if you get Skype calls (messaging works on all platforms) working in Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Web or any other browser!

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