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GTG 0.4

The Best Task Management Tool for Linux is Being Revived

I've been blogging about Ubuntu (and Linux in general I guess) for a veritable eon. So when news reached me that Getting Things GNOME was being revived I had to stop what I was doing and reach for a new draft.

10 April 2020
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GTG! Gets Docky Helper, More Awesome

GTG! – our favourite task manager application – has gained itself a Docky helper! A docky helper is a small plugin that adds functionality to the dock icon when the application is open. We’ve already […]

12 February 2010
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To-Do Applications Reviewed [Updated With Another App!]

To-Do applications may seem over-kill to some (“what’s wrong with pen and paper?”) but I, personally, find they really help my workflow. Linux has a fair old selection of task applications, but are they any […]

25 December 2009
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Getting Things GNOME! Gets RTM Sync, geolocation, UI tweaks & much love from me

Task management application ‘Getting Things GNOME!‘ has just pushed a new version out of the stable door, saddling it with all manner of new plug-ins, UI improvements and 99 firmly squashed bugs. Well done guys! […]

5 December 2009